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It seems that everybody wants to be more innovative these days.  But successful innovation strategies are built on a keen understanding of what needs to change and what doesn’t.  Willy-nilly investment in change for its own sake is doomed to failure.

Additionally, many companies focus their innovation investment on products.  For most companies, however, it’s very difficult to create innovative products without first addressing the need for process innovation.  Changing your processes can help you change your products – not vice-versa.

We can help you improve your return on innovation investment through services like these:

  • Assessment – what needs to change and what doesn’t.
  • Customer needs analysis – understanding the difference between what customers say they want and what they really want.
  • Process innovation – what needs to change in the way you do business?
  • Sustaining innovations – innovations that improve what you’re already doing.
  • Disruptive innovations – how to spot and deal with innovations that could kill your business.
  • Organizational forms – designing organizational structures that stimulate innovation while minimizing cultural clash between “mainstream” and “innovative” segments of your business.

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