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Strategy is about what you don’t do.  It’s about the ability to say “no” to opportunities that may be tempting but are not within your target markets.

Strategy is not about operational effectiveness.  It’s about being different and communicating that difference clearly and consistently as you build your brand.

If you can’t communicate your strategy in less than a dozen words, you probably don’t have one.  You may have a plan to improve your operations, but that’s not a strategy.

Strategy is so simple that it’s hard.

We can help you clarify and focus your strategy through a variety of services, including:

  • Stakeholder interviews – to gather, winnow, and correlate strategic ideas
  • Training sessions – teach employees the elements of strategy
  • Strategy workshops – develop core ideas and build a consensus
  • Communications – help you develop the messages and tools to ensure that all audiences – employees, potential employees, customers, and analysts – clearly understand the strategy.

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