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What is wisdom?

Wisdom seems to be composed of five elements:

  • Willingness to resolve conflicts;
  • Willingness to compromise;
  • Recognition of the limits of personal knowledge;
  • Awareness that a given problem may legitimately be seen from different perspectives;
  • Understanding that things may get worse before they get better.

We ask our leaders to be decisive.  Perhaps, instead, we should ask them to be wise.

3 Responses to What is wisdom?

  • We think of our forefathers as wise, while we don’t apply that characteristic to our current leaders. Is this due to the benefit of time to evaluate their decisions, romanticiizing about a bygone era or in fact true?

  • It is hard to judge the impact of decisions without the benefit of time, seeing the impact, and reflecting on options. I don’t think you’re being romantic. Today’s leaders seem to focus with too much negative energy.

  • Wisdom is knowing and understanding the nature of people and things.

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