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Public Speaking

Strategy, innovation, and brand – they all depend on good communication. Messages may flow through many different channels but good communications always starts with people speaking to people.

We can help you speak to people in two different ways:

  • Develop your skills – we can help you give a great speech.  This involves a lot more than speech writing – it includes audience analysis, audio-visual support, stage management, and coaching to develop your public speaking skills.  If you’re a nervous speaker, we can help you feel more comfortable.  If you’re a good speaker, we can make you a great one.
  • Use me – I’m a very good public speaker, if I do say so myself.  I’m especially effective when working with companies in transition.  I can help your employees and customers understand why change is necessary and how to engage it proactively.   I can help stimulate innovation and, even in difficult financial situations, I can help your employees understand the opportunities before them.

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