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The Difference Between Debates & Battles

debateThe words “debate” and “battle” stem from the same root, so you might expect to use similar tactics in each.  However, if you use battle tactics in a debate, you’re likely to lose. In a battle, two parties are involved – you and the enemy. A debate involves a third party as well — the audience. In a battle, you’re trying to defeat the enemy. Debate tactics are quite different. In a debate, you’re trying to win over the audience. The different objectives may call for very different tactics. Above all, you must know your audience to win a debate. That’s even more important than knowing the competition. Check out the video.

2 Responses to The Difference Between Debates & Battles

  • Sage advice, particularly in the face of ever declining civility in contemporary discourse. One doesn’t have to look far to see the hateful, abusive, vulgar attacks that take place in public forums and otherwise … in the context of your opening comments, there’s considerably more emphasis on doing battle than debate. I personally opt for withdrawing from any interaction that heads the direction of ‘battle’, demanding that — if I am to be involved — there will be civility along with overt mutual respect and a healthy curiosity in the opposing view. Although he certainly had his share of ‘issues’, we’d all do well to contemplate the late Rodney King’s query: “… can’t we all just get along?!”

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