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Why go to a live presentation?

TW at Swedish User Group -1Why do people come to live events? Years ago, it was because they wanted to hear the latest news. Content was king and people came to hear the newest, latest, most exciting news. Today, content is everywhere. You can get it from the web, from books, from text
messages, from Twitter, or from television. So why go to a live event? Increasingly, it’s about context. It’s about making commitments and creating networks. As you plan your live events, don’t put all the emphasis on content. Leave time and create opportunities to develop a context for people to interact. They’ll get the content from many sources.  Make sure they get the context from your event.  Now watch the video.

One Response to Why go to a live presentation?

  • Hi Travis,

    thanks for this good suggestions and ideas for preparing live events and presentations.
    I´ll think of this, when preparing my next presentation.

    thanks and best regards from Germany

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