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Joe Biden and Me

Hey buddy! How ya been?

I was teaching class last night so I missed the Biden-Ryan debate. It sounded like a doozy. Though I missed the fireworks, I did follow it on Intrade, the predictions market. Last week, before the Obama-Romney debate, Intrade predicted a 71% chance that Obama would be re-elected. During that first debate, the line fell to 66%, a clear indication that Romney was mopping up. Since then, the line on Obama fell gradually. Just before last night’s debate, Intrade predicted a 61% chance of re-election. I checked this morning and the line on Obama had inched up to 63%. So, it seems that Biden did what he needed to do — stop the “bed-wetting” and rally the base.

As it happens, Joe Biden and I have a connection. We both studied political science at the Univeristy of Delaware. Joe was a few years ahead of me; I knew of him though we didn’t travel in the same circles. I was a campus radical and he was more mainstream. He actually got a haircut from time to time.

At graduation, our paths diverged. He went to law school for three years and studied the finer points of the legal system. I went to Ecuador for three years and studied the finer points of Latin American politics.

Last year, our paths crossed in an odd way. At a cocktail party, I bumped into one of my favorite political science professors from Delaware. More than 30 years have passed since I took his class, but I remember it vividly. I complimented my old professor and told him how inspirational his class had been. He accepted my compliments and then asked:

Professor:  “What grade did you get in the class?”

Me: “I was really motivated. I got an A.”

Professor (smiling): “Just so you know, Joe Biden got a C.”

So there you have it. If I had gone to law school, I could have been the veep. I may have missed that opportunity but I’m still hoping to be appointed ambassador to Ecuador. I could do some good there. Maybe we should start a social media campaign to get me appointed. As Joe would say, “Whaddya think?”

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