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Where the mistakes are

I should have memorized that part.

I should have memorized that part.

I’m a pretty good public speaker. But I’ve noticed that the mistakes I make tend to come in predictable locations: near the beginning or near the end. At the beginning of a speech, I’m often keyed up and I sometimes forget things or simply start too fast. Near the end of the speech, I want to go for the big, dramatic finish. Sometimes it works; other times, it doesn’t. Between the beginning and the end, I tend to calm down, settle into a rhythm and do reasonably well. So I’ve improved my presentation skills by learning to take special precautions near the beginning and the end. ┬áLearn how in the video.

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  • Hi Travis,

    I have enjoyed a lot your tip of the weeks. I think you know us Finns that we don’t usually comment too often but now I feel that I should give you some feedback. Your videos are very informative and to the point. I always watch them and very often there is at least one point to take and remember (and I try to use it later). So, very much thank you for these tips and looking forward to listening them also in future, much appreciated! How big audience is watching them at present?

    Brgrds, Juha

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