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Better Communication Through Plumbing

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Want to improve communication in your organization? Reduce the number of bathrooms. Everybody needs to use the bathroom from time to time. With fewer bathrooms to choose from, people are more likely to bump into each other. When they do, they wind up communicating.

One of your goals is to get people to bump into each other (more or less literally) as often as possible. It’s particularly important to get people from different disciplines to mix and mingle. When they do, sparks of creativity start to fly. You can design (or re-design) your space to ensure that this happens. Instead of having a coffee pot in every corner of the building, have only one coffee service centrally located. Coffee is a people magnet. Be sure to have some tables nearby so people will have a place to chat while consuming their caffeine.

You can also randomize your offices. Instead of having engineers sit only with engineers and marketers sit only with marketers, mix them up a bit. Ensure that people from different disciplines get to know each other. It sparks new ideas and reduces the us-versus-them mentality.

What else can you do? Well, maybe you should encourage your employees to take up smoking. Watch the video to find out why.

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