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KISS Your Brand

Many of my clients are small to medium-sized software companies. They love to talk about their technology and features in very serious tones. Unfortunately, all their competitors are doing the same. The result is a mishmash of jargon, acronyms, and general confusion.

Business executives — the ones who actually make purchase decisions — don’t really understand it all. So they opt for safety — a large company with a known brand. Generally, the safe choice is not my client.  I tell my clients that they need to make a very simple, very clear statement of why they’re the better choice than the safe choice. Technical arguments don’t work well. Rather, the brand statement should revolve around a cluster of easily understood benefits, like flexibility, simplicity, or cost.  Keep it simple and use a little humor to attract attention.  Here’s how Lawson used simplicity and humor to project their brand argument: simpler is better.

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