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Writing a Winning Cover Letter

A cover letter should jump out of the envelope and bite the reader on the neck. To do that, you need to write advertising copy instead of  business jargon. What’s your headline? What would grab the reader’s attention? What would make you stand out from the stack of letters that hiring managers receive each day? Just like advertising, you can use words or you can use design (or both) to stand out from the crowd. You can say things that are unexpected. You can use designs that are unusual. But however you approach the task, you need to accomplish three things: 1) connect your letter and resumé to a job; 2) state a clear benefit that you can bring to that job; 3) set expectations for a follow up. It’s not brain surgery but it’s not just business as usual either. Learn more in the video.

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  • Hi Travis:
    This is great! I’m applying for a translation (and others) job and I loved these tips about resumé and cover letter. Your site is excellent and I love to receive the message. I read all and it’s great. I love to videos also. You’re a wonderful teacher!

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