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Why is Warren Buffet’s Hair Messed Up?

warren buffetEvery time I see Warren Buffet on TV, his hair looks like it hasn’t seen a comb in years. Surely he can afford a comb. So, why is his hair so messy? I’m guessing that it’s a subtle — but persuasive — effort to brand himself as a smart guy. Who do we think of when we think of smart guys? Albert Einstein. What did his hair look like? It was a mess. I think we’re supposed to conclude that Albert and Warren are so busy thinking deep thoughts that they don’t have time to think about their appearance. It’s a good branding strategy. So what’s your personal branding strategy?  Find out more in the video.

5 Responses to Why is Warren Buffet’s Hair Messed Up?

  • Hi Travis good to see you have caught up with video on the web and you are doing a good job, Well done


  • He’s done something to his hair such as extensions or transplants. This morning on CNBC he had much more hair in front than ever. What do you think?

  • Okay, Travis, so judging on your clothes and haircut and on the background on this video, it looks you’re trying to sell yourself as a sunny, upbeat minimalist to the urban-startup crowd.

    I’ll buy it, because it’s a positive and simple message I can relate to, here in my urban-renewal office. Cheers!

  • Hi Antoine —

    I’m just trying to tell a story. The look comes from Jonny V.

    Cheers, Travis

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