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Reasoning precedes decision-making, doesn’t it?

It’s often said that the best missionary for a religion is someone who recently converted to that religion.  Why is that?  When people make a decision — especially a big decision — they go through a reasoning process to help them make the best decision.  We often assume that this process happens before the decision is made.  In reality, people continue to look for validating reasons even after the decision is made.  They often put a lot of energy into convincing other people that they made the right choice — they proselytize their colleagues to support and reinforce their decision.  You can use this energy in your persuasive communications.  Watch the video.

Welcome to Travis White Communications

Welcome to Travis White Communications.  Our goal is to help you be more persuasive. On this website, you’ll find a great deal of information on the science of persuasion and the arts of communication — especially public speaking skills and writing skills.  In addition to the educational material, I also blog on communication, presentation and persuasion topics. Please come back and visit again regularly as we expect to add new content most every day.  You can also get the Persuasive Communication Tip of the Day on Twitter at @TravisCommGuy.

The educational content in this site is divided into five categories found on the navigation bar above.

  1. Rhetoric — the basic principles of persuasion as taught by Aristotle.
  2. Stagecraft – practical advice on how to manage your voice, your body and your slides.
  3. Content –  advice on how to craft the content of your persuasive communication, including the written word.
  4. Sound Bites — how to make your ideas memorable.
  5. Planning — how to create realistic objectives and prepare for your presentation.
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