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May I Shine A Light In Your Ear?

Shine a light on me

Shine a light on me

Straight from the researchers at Oulu Univeristy in Finland, here’s a little device to lift your mood this weekend: the Valkee. Though it looks like an early model iPod, complete with ear buds, the Valkee doesn’t play music. Rather, the buds shine bright lights into your ears.

We all know that our eyes are sensitive to light. The Oulu researchers claim that the brain is, too. Further, our ear canals are the most direct path ways to get light to the brain and cheer it up a bit. The Ouluvians claim that wearing the device 8 to 12 minutes per day can significantly reduce the occurrence of Seasonal Affective Disorder, the depression that strikes people in the dark days of winter.

I’m a pretty happy guy right now, perhaps because it’s spring time but if I’m feeling SAD next winter, I’ll be sure to order one. This is probably the right time for our friends in the southern hemisphere to buy one. If you do, let me know if it lightens your day.

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