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Sunday Shorts – 11

Our next vacation spot?

Our next vacation spot?

Interesting things I discovered this week, even if they happened long ago (or maybe in the future).

Want marital bliss? Well, do the chores. Equitable sharing of household chores is almost as important as good sex in achieving marital harmony.

Speaking of marital bliss, should Suellen and I go to Mars? They’re looking for a mature married couple. I would do it but only if I can take my teddy bear.

What was Richard the Lionheart’s heart like? Thanks to advanced forensics, now we know.

What’s interesting about your tongue? It’s got a huge number of nerve endings and sensory receptors. All of which may make it a good candidate to augment the brain and overcome symptoms of diseases like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s. Two articles: here and here.

We humans have big brains. What’s the tradeoff? The biggest downside may be small guts.

Depressed? There’s an app for that.

Are Americans more polarized than ever before? Probably not. But we have sorted ourselves out more. Plus, the media loves to stress the negative. It’s a basic bias.

A rat in Brazil thinks about pulling a lever. A rat in North Carolina does it. Is it a Vulcan mind meld?

What went down every year of the Bush presidency and up every year of the Obama presidency? Domestic oil production.


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