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Sunday Shorts – 10

Of course I can talk.

Of course I can talk.

Interesting things I’ve found this week — even if they happened long, long ago.

Want to improve medicine and reduce costs at the same time? Just add robots.

If there’s a gorilla hiding in your chest x-ray, shouldn’t a radiologist find it? Maybe not. After all, they’re intent on finding other things, like abnormalities. But isn’t a gorilla an abnormality? Why would 83% miss it?

Can dogs talk? You bethca. In fact, Bella just finished telling about her trip to the nail salon. She liked the service but wasn’t happy with the color.

Is Iran Botching the Bomb? According to Jacques Hymans in Foreign Affairs, it’s hard to build a bomb without good management systems and that’s “why so few authoritarian regimes have succeeded: they don’t have the right culture or institutions. When it comes to Iran’s program, then, the United States and its allies should get out of the way and let Iran’s worst enemies — its own leaders — gum up the process on their own”.

Need more caffeine? I certainly do. How about buying soap with caffeine in it and absorbing it through your skin? Why not?

What are the 50 companies that are most likely to disrupt the market place in 2013? Yikes! And the accompanying editorial.

Will solar energy cost less than fossil fuels in the next decade? It’s possible if this new technology proves out.

Have a malformed ear? Print a new one using a 3-D printer. Vincent Van Gogh should be so lucky.

You’ve heard about 3-D printers. How about a 3-D pen — write in the air!

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