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Sunday Shorts – 8

Alexandria to Oslo to Times Square?

Alexandria to Oslo to Times Square?

Interesting stuff from around the world that I’ve discovered this week.

Amazon wants to build an ecosystem of apps for their Kindle Fire. Sounds like a hard job. So what does Amazon do? Simple… they create their own currency.

What’s the secret to fast innovation? It could be modular design.

They re-designed the Alexandria library. Then they created an opera house in Oslo that’s partially submerged. Now they’re planning to re-design Times Square. Who are these Snohetta folks?

Distributed sensing anyone? How about atmospheric data gathered from bazillions of mobile phones? What’s the result? Better weather prediction. Maybe even better weather.

In lots of countries around the world, girls score higher than boys in standardized scientific tests — but not in the United States. Why would that be?

Can geodesign protect us from natural disasters? Well, maybe.

Are cats really just your “friendly, neighborhood serial killers”? Will they be banned from New Zealand?


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