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Sunday Shorts – 6

Electric paint your house.

Electric paint your house.

Some interesting things I spotted this week, whether they were published this week or not.

Why not cover your body with paint that conducts electricity? Sounds like fun, no? And Matt Johnson, who is featured in this article, is a good buddy of our son, Elliot. Why wasn’t I invited to this party?

Can a $22,000 robot named Baxter help bring manufacturing back to America?

Can America’s leading experts on negotiation help break the impasse between Congress and the President? Here’s their best advice: high school kids could do better. (Click here).

Speaking of negotiation, is it possible to negotiate with Iran?

We’ve been doing hydraulic fracking in the U.S. since 1947. Are there any alternatives?

Want to shield yourself from facial recognition technologies? These glasses could help.

Sun in your eyes when you’re driving? Maybe a haptic steering wheel could help.

What do communication pros say is wrong with Lance Armstrong’s confession? He hasn’t yet expressed “remorse that feels genuine.” (Click here)

You know those little tiny hairs in your ears that convert sound waves to brain signals? When they die, they die — in humans at least. Other mammals can grow them back. A new drug therapy may be able to help us as well. (Click here). Maybe I can listen to Blue Oyster Cult again.

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