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Sunday Shorts – 4

Is that Trazodone I taste?

Interesting things I’ve seen this week (even if they weren’t published this week)

What can pickpockets teach us about how our minds work? It’s simple: you’re not nearly as focused as you think. It’s easy to divert your attention and rob you blind. Click here for The New Yorker article.

What’s a phablet? You can find out by going to the Consumer Electronics Show or by clicking here. (Hint: it’s what happens when you cross a phone with a tablet).

And how about the Netherlands glow-in-the-dark highways? It’s another example of mashup thinking. Just mashup asphalt and phosphorescent powder. It absorbs solar energy during the day and glows at night. Now why didn’t we think of that? Really… why didn’t we? Click here.

What is City 2.0? We’re spending about $100 billion worldwide each year trying to find out. Maybe it’s not just smart gadgets. Click here.

Why wouldn’t you try to poison your husband by putting Trazodone pills in his tuna salad? Because the bitter taste would tip him off right away. One needs to be practical in these endeavors. Click here.

Should you stand or sit at work? Why isn’t lying down an option? Click here.

Would you rather be right or would you rather be president? Phillip Stephens writes that left-wingers used to be the ones who were too pure to make the compromises needed to govern. Now it’s the right wing — on both sides of the Atlantic. Click here.

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