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Sunday Shorts

Pardon me while I unitask.

Interesting items I’ve discovered in the past week or so:

  • Who’s the world’s most famous unitasker? It may well be Sherlock Holmes. When presented with a case, he didn’t multitask; he simply sat still and concentrated. It’s an example of mindfulness and meditation that can help us be more attentive, think “younger” and be more creative. For Maria Konnikova’s article, click here. For my recent article on multitasking, click here.
  • If the bride is eight moths pregnant, should you mention the fact or pretend not to notice? In “Law and Disorder”, Jonathan Rauch argues that we would be better off if we would just mind our own business. It’s the difference between “hidden” law and “bureaucratic” law. Rauch’s essay is more than a decade old, but I just discovered it. You can find it here.
  • Would the economy be better off without MBA students? That was the subject of a recent weeklong debate hosted by The Economist magazine. By a narrow margin — 51% to 49% — readers of The Economist agreed with the proposition — we would be better off without MBA students. Read why here.


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