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Building Brands Consistently

Who’s Grover White? If you don’t know him, you really should meet him. He’s a great guy. But because we’ve changed his name — ever so slightly — we may have confused you. Grover is better known under a different brand name … but you would never know that if we haven’t used the brand name consistently.

Great brands deploy their names and symbols consistently. You know who they are because they never change what they call themselves. They minimize confusion and, by doing so, they maximize trust.  And a brand is simply a name that you trust.

To find out who Grover White is, just watch the video.

One Response to Building Brands Consistently

  • As one who also goes by my middle name [little did the parents know what a curse it would be, calling all us boys by our middle name!] I’ve encountered all manner of difficulty along the years — talk about ‘brand’ confusion! From rigid technologies to similarly rigid processes — can you say ‘TSA’! — I’ve had a lot of splain’n to do as a result 😉 … OK … I’m sooo busted! There’s one of those pesky acronyms! Great point on that front and another example of the need for vigilant effort toward assuring understanding — not [attempting] to show off …

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