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Prepare for Trust

How can an audience tell whether you’re trustworthy or not?  Their first clue is how well you’ve prepared for your speaking presentation.  If you’re well prepared, the audience takes it as a sign of respect: “He obviously took the time to prepare.  He values our time. He respects us.”

Remember that an audience won’t respect you if you don’t respect them.  You have to give respect to win the respect of an audience.  The quickest way to lose the respect of the audience is to show that you’re not prepared.  Giving a canned speech that has nothing to do with the specific concerns of the audience shows a lack of respect.  You’re talking about your concerns, not theirs.  Learn more about preparation, respect and trust in the video.

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  • Travis, I enjoy every one of your talks—-you’re a great model ! I’m hoping I can be like you when I grow up. I really get a lot out of each one—much food for thought.



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