Strategy. Innovation. Brand.

Welcome to Travis White Communications.  We can help you improve your business in three ways:

  1. Clarify your strategy and focus on those things that truly differentiate you.
  2. Help you innovate by coaching your employees on processes ranging from brainstorming to product launch.
  3. Improve your brand by simplifying your story and helping you deliver it consistently.

We’re happy to work with you in many different ways – from strategy workshops to executive coaching to communications training to speechwriting.  On this website you’ll find a wealth of material on strategy, innovation, and communication.  Help yourself – it’s all free.  If you need more specific assistance, use the contact form to send me an email.  You can also follow me on Twitter @TravisCommGuy.

The content on this website is divided into three areas: Strategy, Innovation, and Brand

  • Strategy — materials in this section focus on the definition of strategy, how to plan your strategy and achieve a consensus around it, and how to execute on your strategy.
  • Innovation — what is innovation and how does it differ from invention?  How can you stimulate sustaining innovation?  How can you spot a disruptive innovation and defend against it before it kills your business?
  • Brand — brand is in the eye of the beholder. You’ll need to communicate simple, consistent messages make the image crystal clear.  You’ll also need to be persuasive.  The materials in this section teach you all about it.
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