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Whom Do You Trust? America or Facebook?

Whom Do You Trust? America or Facebook?

Do we need it anymore?The promise of cryptocurrencies is that we can create awidely-acceptable medium of exchange without having to trust anyone.  Cryptocurrencies have no central authority,no government agency to vouch for them. We don’t need to trust a government ora bank or a stock exchange. Elites can’t cheapen our currency because no elitesare involved. Indeed, no one is involved. The currency is distributed acrossmultiple computers and multiple networks. To manipulate the currency, ...

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What’s Walking Good For?

What's Walking Good For?

No, I don't think you should marry Tom.I often ask my students a simple question: What were youdoing the last time you had a good idea? Whatever they answer, I say: “Do moreof that and you’ll have more good ideas.”So what are they doing when they have good ideas? A fairnumber – often a majority – are walking. Taking a break and going for a walk stimulatesour thinking in ways that produce interesting ...

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Not to stay warm

Innovation & Sociology - Jobs To Be Done

Not to stay warmThirty years ago, I was a product manager for a startup company that created high-performance, multiprocessing minicomputers. Powerful, scalable, and based on open standards, they offered exceptional price/performance.  In 1988, Electronics magazine gave its Computer of The Year award to the flagship modelAs we introduced the system, we described the “ideal”customer: a medium to large organization that used Unix-based systems, and ranlarge database applications, especially Oracle applications.  We trained the ...

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My Buddy, The Bitcoin Broker

My buddy, Yancey, is a Bitcoin broker. He’s been arranging deals part-time for several years now. About a year ago, he went full time. He seems to be doing fine. It’s ironic that the Bitcoin needs a broker. In my opinion, the best thing about Bitcoin, and the underlying blockchain, is the potential to disintermediate transactions. By eliminating middlemen, blockchain systems may deliver two major benefits: Reduce the cost of transactions; Make transactions easier ...

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Tongue-tied On Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s cards intrigue me. Suellen and I exchange them every year. Some are sweet. Some are funny. Some are silly. Some are mildly sexy.  But really, is there anything new in them? Have we come a long way, baby, or are we just recycling platitudes? And how did people in past centuries address their love, passion, and heartaches? What can we learn from our ancestors? By happy accident, I discovered a partial answer in ...

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Will AI Be The End Of Men?

Will AI Be The End Of Men?

A little over two years ago, I wrote an article called Male Chauvinist Machines. At the time, men outnumbered women in artificial intelligence development roles by about eight to one. A more recent report suggests the ratio is now about three to one. The problem is not just that men outnumber women. Data mining also presents an issue. If machines mine data from the past (what other data is there?), they may well learn ...

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The content on this website is divided into four areas: Strategy, Innovation, Brand, and Critical Thinking

  • Strategy — materials in this section focus on the definition of strategy, how to plan your strategy and achieve a consensus around it, and how to execute on your strategy.
  • Innovation — what is innovation and how does it differ from invention? How can you stimulate sustaining innovation? How can you spot a disruptive innovation and defend against it before it kills your business?
  • Brand — brand is in the eye of the beholder. You’ll need to communicate simple, consistent messages make the image crystal clear. You’ll also need to be persuasive. The materials in this section teach you all about it.
  • Critical Thinking – before you can improve your strategy and brand or stimulate innovation, you often need to improve your thinking. The materials in this section help you think about your thinking so you can improve it.
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