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Clembama Redux

Clembama Redux

Alabama and Clemson have met each year for the past four years in the college football playoffs. Alabama has won two games; Clemson has won two. The aggregate score of the four games: Clemson 121 -- Alabama 120. If Alabama hadn’t missed an extra point in last night’s game, the aggregate score would be tied. The two teams are so close that they might as well be one. Let's call them Clembama. Meanwhile, no ...

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Bye bye!

False Consensus and Preference Falsification

The Soviet Union collapsed on December 26, 1991. While signs of decay had been growing, the final collapse happened with unexpected speed. The union disappeared almost overnight and surprisingly few Soviet citizens bothered to defend it. Though it had seemed stable – and persistent – even a few months earlier, it evaporated with barely a whimper. We could (and probably will) debate for years why the USSR disappeared, I suspect that two cognitive biases ...

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Different razors for different needs.

Using A Razor To Whittle Your Choices

Let’s say that you’re trying to decide what causes what and keep getting stuck between multiple alternatives. (This is a process known as Inference to the Best Explanation). You’ve put away your cognitive biases and built arguments that are sound and valid. Your friends give you a lot of advice. But you just can’t decide. Logical razors can help you out of the jam. A razor helps you eliminate choices, which is often as ...

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That's Irrelevant!

In her book, Critical Thinking: An Appeal To Reason, Peg Tittle has an interesting and useful way of organizing 15 logical fallacies. Simply put, they’re all irrelevant to the assessment of whether an argument is true or not. Using Tittle’s guidelines, we can quickly sort out what we need to pay attention to and what we can safely ignore. Though these fallacies are irrelevant to truth, they are very relevant to persuasion. Critical thinking ...

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Knowledge Neglect -- Scots In Saris

If I ask you about the crime rate in your neighborhood, you probably won’t have a clear and precise answer. Instead, you’ll make a guess. What’s the guess based on? Mainly on your memory: If you can easily remember a violent crime, you’ll guess that the crime rate is high. If you can’t easily remember such a crime, you’ll guess a much lower rate. Our estimates, then, are not based on reality but on ...

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Good idea.

Ideas and Free Throws

Assume, for a moment, that I’m your manager. I call you into my office one day and say, “You’re doing pretty good work … but you’re going to have to get better at shooting free throws on the basketball court. If you want a promotion this year, you’ll need to make at least 75% of your free throws.” What would you do? Assuming that you don’t resign on the spot, you would probably get ...

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The content on this website is divided into four areas: Strategy, Innovation, Brand, and Critical Thinking

  • Strategy — materials in this section focus on the definition of strategy, how to plan your strategy and achieve a consensus around it, and how to execute on your strategy.
  • Innovation — what is innovation and how does it differ from invention? How can you stimulate sustaining innovation? How can you spot a disruptive innovation and defend against it before it kills your business?
  • Brand — brand is in the eye of the beholder. You’ll need to communicate simple, consistent messages make the image crystal clear. You’ll also need to be persuasive. The materials in this section teach you all about it.
  • Critical Thinking – before you can improve your strategy and brand or stimulate innovation, you often need to improve your thinking. The materials in this section help you think about your thinking so you can improve it.
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