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On a scale of 1 - 5, is he technically proficient?

Delayed Intuition - How To Hire Better

Daniel Kahneman is rightly respected for discovering and documenting any number of irrational human behaviors. Prospect theory – developed by Kahneman and his colleague, Amos Tversky – has led to profound new insights in how we think, behave, and spend our money. Indeed, there’s a straight line from Kahneman and Tversky to the new discipline called Behavioral Economics. In my humble opinion, however, one of Kahneman’s innovations has been overlooked. The innovation doesn’t have ...

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Friend or foe?

Why Study Critical Thinking?

People often ask me why they should take a class in critical thinking. Their typical refrain is, “I already know how to think.” I find that the best answer is a story about the mistakes we often make. So I offer up the following example, drawn from recent news, about very smart people who missed a critical clue because they were not thinking critically. The story is about the conventional wisdom surrounding Alzheimer’s. We’ve known for ...

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Truth Decay in action.

RAND's Truth Decay

A few days ago, the RAND Corporation -- one of America's oldest think tanks -- published a report titled, Truth Decay: A Threat To Policymaking and Democracy. Though I've read it only once and probably don't yet grasp all its nuances, I think it's very relevant to our world today and want to bring it to your attention. You can find the full report here. Here are some of the highlights. The items in italics ...

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Digital Taylorism and Dumb Humans

Digital Taylorism and Dumb Humans

Years ago, I heard Jaron Lanier give a lecture that included a brief summary of the Turing Test. Lanier suggested that there are two ways that machines might pass Turing’s test of artificial intelligence. On the one hand, machines could get smarter. On the other hand, humans could get dumber. I wonder if humans-getting-dumber is where we’re headed with digital Taylorism. Frederick Taylor, who died just over 100 years ago, was the father of scientific management ...

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Think I could do this if I weren't conscious?

What Happens When You Anesthetize A Plant?

Some of the best questions about the world around us are those that seem obvious when they’re asked … but anything but obvious until they’re asked. I recently saw a spate of articles about the use of anesthetics and plants. We’ve known – at least since 1846 – that compounds like ether can anesthetize humans. Breathe a little in and you lose your sensibility to the world around you while maintaining core functions like ...

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Careful! It's a perverse incentive!

Jewelry and Perverse Incentives

With a perverse incentive, a company incents its employees to behave in ways that are contrary to the company's interests. The company, in other words, pays employees to do things that reward the employee but prevent the company from reaching its stated goals. (See here and here for more detail). Why would a company do that? Sometimes the stated goals of the company are not its actual goals. For instance, the company may say that it ...

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The content on this website is divided into four areas: Strategy, Innovation, Brand, and Critical Thinking

  • Strategy — materials in this section focus on the definition of strategy, how to plan your strategy and achieve a consensus around it, and how to execute on your strategy.
  • Innovation — what is innovation and how does it differ from invention? How can you stimulate sustaining innovation? How can you spot a disruptive innovation and defend against it before it kills your business?
  • Brand — brand is in the eye of the beholder. You’ll need to communicate simple, consistent messages make the image crystal clear. You’ll also need to be persuasive. The materials in this section teach you all about it.
  • Critical Thinking – before you can improve your strategy and brand or stimulate innovation, you often need to improve your thinking. The materials in this section help you think about your thinking so you can improve it.
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